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's solution - The Innowattech Piezo Electric Generator (IPEG™) The basis for the system is the patented new breed of piezoelectric generators (IPEG™) developed by . They have unique abilities to harvest energy from weight, motion, vibration and temperature changes.
There are specific generators for roadways, railways, runways and pedestrians.
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presents a pioneering invention for Parasitic Energy harvesting. We provide genuine environmental benefits where parasitic mechanical energy on roads, highways, railways and airport runaways, are harvested and transferred back, in a process by which the energy is captured, stored and reused.

The Innowattech Green Energy Solution:
The piezoelectric phenomenon was first described by the Curie brothers. They observed that certain materials generate electric current when they are deformed. Today piezoelectric materials have multiple uses in industry, but most work efficiently only at high frequencies.

has developed a new breed of piezoelectric generators with a mechanical electrical association that are ideally suited to harvest the mechanical from roadways, railways, runways and pedestrians.

In addition has developed a very efficient storage system to collect and store the electricity produced by these generators. The accumulated energy can be used for local power needs or used directly to power LEDs.

For more information, please see Technical Information - IPEG's™ harvest energy ordinarily wasted by vehicles
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