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Road - Weigh In Motion (I-WIM) Solution |

The Weigh In Motion (I-WIM) solution, produces electrical energy as a function of the number of vehicles, their weight and their velocity. The implementation of the system is simple and fast. The system is embedded and integrated under the surface of the road.

The presence of the I-WIM solution does not harm the road, and does not increase the fuel consumption of the vehicles.
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The I-WIM solution provides, besides energy production, the following data:
1. Type of the vehicles according to their weight at any speed.
2. The velocity of each vehicle.
3. Any other relevant information regarding vehicle flow such as speed monitoring.

The I-WIM solution - applications:
1. Real time weight control of vehicles on roads
2. Real time weight control of vehicles on bridges
3. Access control of vehicles to and from industrial areas

I-WIM solution is implemented along the width of the traffic lane.

I-WIM solution data can be transferred by the wireless system/ cable communication.

I-WIM solution provides the energy required for the communication.

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