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About Innowattech |

is based in Ra’anana Israel, with research facilities in the Technion Institute, Haifa, Israel. It specializes in the development of custom piezoelectric generators for specific purposes. The company is privately held.

's railway solution is ideal to supply electric power to remote areas far from the grid. Examples of railway uses are power for unmanned railway crossing, railway signaling, railway monitoring systems and track lubricators. The powering system can also include the railway monitoring system.

's road solution is ideal to supply local lighting and signaling systems and especially suited to powering LEDs.

's pedestrian generators are ideally suited for lighting LED displays.

has developed its own energy storage system that optimizes energy storage of the piezoelectric generators output on a battery.

has developed specialized piezoelectric generators that function as railroad and road monitoring systems.

Innowattech's advantages:
  Pure energy harvesting (parasitic energy only)
  Functions in all weather conditions
  Solution integrated with infrastructure – theft & damage proof
  Solution does not require purchase of real estate
  Data collection, e.g. “Smart Road,” etc.
  Providing electricity for areas remote from main electricity lines

Our Research Team |

Prof. Haim Abramovich
President & Co-Founder
Associate professor of the faculty of Aerospace engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, D.Sc. from the Technion IIT.
Professional experience: Smart / intelligent structures, piezolaminated structures. Structural dynamics and stability, composite materials, impact on structures, Imperfections, vibrations and stability of shells and plates. Author of patents and more than a hundred publications.

Prof. Charles Milgrom
Chief of the Medical Department & Co-Founder
MD, Head Shoulder Section, Dept. of Orthopedics, Hadassah University Hospital, Co-founder and member of the Computer-Aided Surgery and Medical Image Processing Laboratory, at the School of Engineering and Computer Science, Givat Ram, Head of the Orthopedic Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery and Biomechanics Laboratory.
Research Interests: Epidemiology and prevention of overuse injuries. Nutrition, bone metabolism and stress fractures. Recurrent shoulder dislocation. Bone biomechanics. Computerized surgery fracture planning based on high order finite element analysis. Author of three patents and more than a hundred publications and books. Participation and organisation of International Conferences and Congresses.

Dr. Eugeny Tsikhotsky
Chief Scientist
Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics from Rostov-on-Don State University and M.Sc. from Faculty of Physics of Rostov-on-Don State University. Senior Research Scientist, Technion – IIT.
Previously: Head of the department of the new electric active materials, functional elements and transducers with active electric properties - deputy director of the Scientific and Research Institute of Physics of the Rostov State University.
Research interests: Applied physics and technology of the ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials, Applications of the active electric materials, Technologies of the materials with special properties, Development and applications of the piezoelectric transducers for the medical and other ultrasound devices.

Gregory Klein
Project manager
Mechanical Engineer B.Sc and M.Sc System Engineer Ort "Braude 'Karmiel".
Previous experience: Engineering design and development of specialized machines for various industries, ITL Company Ltd.
Adjunct researcher at the Technion, Faculty of Aeronautics and Space Structures Laboratory, implementation analyzes static and dynamic strength and failure investigation of complex structures.
Practice expensive design, development and promotion of multidisciplinary systems.
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